Value/Devalue Install and Statement
Value/Devalue - Installation photos
Black and Yellow Gallery
Vancouver, BC
March 1, 2012

26" x 40", screen prints on Somerset Velvet.

24" x 36" collages of screen prints on panel, installed on handmade posts of found materials.

10" x 12" collages framed.


Office Supplies Incorporated works in collage and print making, predominantly screen printing posters. He started putting up posters in public in 2003, with a full commitment from 2005 to 2010. He has since changed his focus slightly and has been endeavoring to make work that functions in both the inside and outside space.
He has been very fortunate to have shown work in Misanthropy Gallery, Blim and was recently recognized for his work in the WE: Vancouver Exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. VALUE/DEVALUE is his first solo show.

Artist Statement - Office Supplies Incorporated

The portrait reveals an empathic relationship to the person portrayed; yet Collage, but its very nature, is brutal - it dissects and tosses away any parts unnecessary to satisfy the work. I am interested in the transformations between mediums of reproduction, the materials used, and the respect given to the image - and how all that changes through the process of Collage.

Take the valueless (the found picture from an old book); lower its value by reproducing it in mass in a valueless format (photocopying); raise those reproductions in value by cutting and pasting those reproductions into a singular piece. Then, move the value laterally by enlarging it and reproducing it by screen-printing. Lower the value further by pasting these reproductions in the public to be victims to the elements and the city. Then make a new image by photographing that reproduction in its new environment - a final act that changes the value for the last time.

This is the process I have been using for a long time to make work. However, the method changes slightly when I decide to skip a few of my final steps such as placing the work in public or photographing in the public realm. These choices generate an entirely different structure around value.

Public art has the perception of selflessness, but the reality is that I wouldn't have this opportunity and others I have been given without it. I've never needed Facebook, I update outside when I have new work. However, there is a social function to the public work. Any world class city, as Vancouver desperately tries to be, has a thriving public art world. It's not my responsibility but as a lot of the city's public artists get older and focus on other things, who is picking up the slack?

I think about this as it matters to me. Are these images more or less valuable because they are inside? Is the social value increased or decreased by having a select viewing public rather than anybody who happens to be walking by these works outside? What do I want? As one who wants to make a difference in the way that collage is viewed, where is my time best spent as a collage artist?

Curated by Graeme Berglund and Stephaney Bird