Joseph Staples / Office Supplies Incorporated

I'm an artist working in collage, printmaking and installation work. I am based in Vancouver, Canada.

In my work, I try to look closer at the overlooked aspects of this field. I feel this territory is unexplored in comparison to the more established fields of painting and sculpture but the questions inherent in the medium as similar.

My work and process has become one of removing collage's built in qualities - the speed of decision making, the juxtaposition of one image with another, and the medium's traditionally small size - to one a slower more deliberate process and examination of what collage is.

Looking at aspects of depth, scale, the line that separates images, singularity of image in creating collage versus plurality of images, texture and material I hope to expand my understanding of how I define collage. By taking apart its fundamental attributes, I want to understand each aspect of collage independently. This has led me to the exploration of what photography is, representation and how images can be used in abstraction.

I still find the human form a relevant subject but I enjoy the abstraction and reinterpretation of these basic building blocks. I am interested in the "hand" of the artist; I like style.

My CV is here, contact me at punksvspreps [at]

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